Propane For Your Farm

Propane is an economical choice for farmers who need a heat source for numerous applications on their farms:

  • Crop drying
  • Livestock heating
  • Heating turkey barns
  • Heating bird barns
  • Greenhouse heating

Propane can be up to 50% less expensive than other options. That’s one of the many reasons agricultural propane is the choice of nearly 900,000 farms across America. Plus, propane is a truly American fuel source that reduces a farm’s carbon footprint.

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There are plenty of reasons why more than 80 percent of grain dryers run on propane. Propane is portable, so it’s ready to work whenever and wherever you are without the high expense of connecting to a supply line. It stores exceptionally well, so there’s no need to drain tanks or stabilize fuel from one season to the next. The way propane is delivered and stored, fuel theft is of little to no concern. And your supplier can work out a delivery schedule that ensures your tank is always full.


Propane is useful for brooders in agriculture and poultry farming primarily as a source of heat. Brooders are devices used to provide warmth to young chicks or other poultry, especially in the early stages of their development. Propane heaters are commonly used for this purpose because they offer several advantages.


A power failure can devastate a farm in a hurry. That’s why a backup power source like an emergency generator is a critical piece of equipment. Backup generators not only prevent costly interruptions in operations but also protect livestock and ensure that critical equipment like water wells and ventilation fans are always functioning. Propane also gives farmers additional peace of mind because it will not degrade over time, unlike gasoline or diesel.


More and more farms rely on propane to heat greenhouses, keeping both plants and animals safely heated during cold winter months. Propane can also be used to power the equipment that keeps greenhouses clean and sanitized.

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